Sunday, November 2, 2008

Want To Know About Your Genetic Condition.

AccessDNA Know Your Genetics

Review of this site

This site is designed very beautifully and its look and color combination is magnificent. It’s easy to navigate the pages. After surfing the site and reading the entire website components I found it very helpful. After all this I created my profile to get a personalized genetic report of mine and in few minutes I got my genetic report that was very useful for me. Its Education Centre is the place where we can also get informed about which kind of genetic test is best for us and their conditions. There’s a Community Center were we can share our experience and get support. We can get advice by their experts at Expert Advice Area. Read the latest news on genetics.

As it costs an amount for every genetic report but they are perfect (your first personalized report is free) and for this you have to place complete and exact information in your profile. Right now this website is not developed completely but I am imaging that if still this contains a lot of information then after fully developed how much information it will contain? Some pages of this website are not opening properly I don’t know that why this is happening but I am fully satisfied with this website. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

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  • Want To Know that how to take care of your good health.

Every body wants a good health for this they attempt number of things to get healthy.
I am not a very tough guy but I am fit and healthy. As I have visited many sites over internet to get information about nutrition in our daily life and I have found good information about this.
But when I visited Biossential Nutrition site , I liked one thing mostly that is its sleek design and better navigation menus. As they descrided themselves very well. They have added a page "News" that is very useful. It's good to visit, surf and get information from their site.